Sitecore xConnect -Introduction


    1. Introduction
    2. Problem with the existing System(sitecore 8.x)
    3. Need for xConnect


    • Overview
    • Process and dataflow

Introduction to xConnect:
           xConnect is the brand new api or we can say as seperate component through which the communication happens to the xDB.To visualize it

         xConnect is the service layer that sits in between the xDB and any trusted client, device, or interface that wants to read, write, or search xDB data. Communication must happen over HTTPS and clients must have the appropriate certificate thumbprint.


Client device can be anything like wordpress,umbarco not only cms even application can use xConnect to read,write or search xDB.But for our learning we can take sitecore as our client device

xconnect client devices


Now we have client device as sitecore and xConnect as our communicator to xDB and xDB as Repository to store user personalized information in order to provide better insight.How to we track the user personalized data? Tracking api


The tracker is responsible for tracking a contact’s activity on your website and submitting that data to xConnect at the end of the session. xConnect and the tracker are separate components that work together. The tracker records a contact’s activities in session, converts that data on session end, and submits it to xConnect using the xConnect Client API.


Now we can visualize at high level how the communication happens from client device to xConnect

In partical Terms,xConnect exposes a web API end point through which the communication happens to xConnect.


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