Sitecore xConnect -History of xDB and Problems with existing system-Part 2


In the Previous Version Analytics cannot be installed as seperate component it can be installed as part of your sitecore instance.Now it cloud ready.
xConnect can be installed as Seperate component which works independently of sitecore

Scaling Sitecore xConnect

xConnect came up with the variety of new services that can be scaled out to provide a higher-performant architecture for interacting with xDB.

xConnect consists of the following components:

  • Collection service
  • Search service
  • Search Indexer
  • Collection databases

Along with xConnect are a variety of XP services which together with xConnect make up what we call the Experience Platform Foundation (XPF). These include:

  • Processing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Reporting
  • Reference Data

Almost all of these services can be scaled horizontally, but it should be noted that the Reporting instance and the xConnect Search Indexer currently only support a single instance running at a time.

To know more about Scaling read this link

GDPR en PII compliance

xConnect provides the functionality around security to be GDPR (Execute right to be forgotten)and built-in PII compliant. So we will be able to define what fields in xDB contain personal identifiable information, and therefore we can let xConnect know what fields to encrypt.

As we know that we can define our own model based on business and also we can make that model fields encrypt.This can achieved my marking the field with PII.

  • If a facet is marked [PIISensitive], the entire facet is deleted
  • If a facet property is marked [PIISensitive], that property is reset to its default value

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