Sitecore Commerce 8.2.1 Installation Guide for Reference Storefront-Part 8

Bootstrap and initialize the Commerce Engine environment

Once the Commerce Engine is compiled and deployed next is to configure the payment option for site.Follow the below steps to configure payment option

Configure web payment functionality for the site

  1. Launch
  2. Enter the necessary information in the Sign up for the sandbox pane, and click Try the sandbox.
  3. Follow the instructions to activate and log in to your Braintree sandbox account.
  4. Get the MerchantID, Public Key and Private Key information from the Braintree sandbox website.
  5. Use the information from step 4 to fill in the corresponding section inside the PlugIn.Habitat.CommerceAuthoring-1.0.0.json file under the .\CommerceAuthoring\wwwroot\data\Environments
    • search for Plugin.Sample.Payments.Braintree.BraintreeClientPolicy inside the PlugIn.Habitat.CommerceAuthoring-1.0.0.json file
    • Replace the value with your new generated keys.Make sure the key values are contained by quotation marks. For example:
      Braintree config

Bootstrap and initialize the Commerce Server environment

Before you perform the Bootstrap initialization, review the Default Commerce Engine service settings section. If you have not configured the environment .json files correctly, the process may fail.

      1. Navigate to .\CommerceAuthoring\wwwroot\bootstrap and open Global.json
      2. Search for “Server” in gloabl.json.Make sure the server is correct.if not change the value.
        Note:The string values inside .json files must be properly escaped. For example, the “Server” values must be formatted as: “MachineName\\SQLInstanceName”. Note the double backslash.
      3. Search for “ServiceUrl” in global.json and verify your catalog web service url is correct else modify with your catalog webservice url.
      4. Navigate to .\CommerceAuthoring\wwwroot\data\Environments\PlugIn.Habitat.CommerceAuthoring-1.0.0.json
      5. Search for “Host” in PlugIn.Habitat.CommerceAuthoring-1.0.0.json.Make sure that you have proper https binding and ssl certificate with that mentioned host name.For Example:In below in image the Host is should have https ( for your storefront instance and the respective host entry.
        Host Name
      6. Search for “Server” and change the value in PlugIn.Habitat.CommerceAuthoring-1.0.0.json and refer the above step .
      7. Repeat the above steps for PlugIn.Habitat.CommerceMinions-1.0.0.json and PlugIn.Habitat.CommerceShops-1.0.0.json
      8. Open a browser and run http://localhost:5000/commerceops/Bootstrap(). The URL is case-sensitive.
      9. When the Bootstrap process finishes, you can view new rows inside the “CommerceEntities” and “CommerceLists” tables of the SitecoreCommerce_Global database.
      10. the Bootstrap process does not finish as expected, check the CommerceAuthoring\wwwroot\logs for possible errors and clear it and reinitialize the bootstrap process
        Note:To run the initialization process again, you must clear all rows in the “CommerceEntities” and “CommerceLists” tables from SitecoreCommerce_Global,sitecoreCommerce_shared and restart the CommerceAuthoring site to clear the cache.
      11. once you bootstrap initialization is sucess.Run the below url.
        Note that the following URLs are case-sensitive; if you copy the URLs from this topic, make sure there are no invisible formatting characters for the quotation marks.

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