Sitecore Commerce 8.2.1 Installation Guide for Reference Storefront-Part 5

Install Sitecore modules & Sitecore update packages

Install Sitecore modules

    1. Log on to the Sitecore Desktop (created during the Sitecore Experience Platform installation(storefront)).
    2. the following .zip files, which are located in the .\Sitecore.Commerce.8.2.1_U2_1.2.62\Modules folder of the
      Sitecore Commerce release package:

        • Sitecore Commerce Connect
        • Adventure Works
    3. Browse to Development Tools > Installation Wizard, and follow the steps in the wizard and install above mentioned zip packages
    4. Note: You must confirm your changes to override the existing items during the installation of the modules and packages described above

Install Sitecore update packages

You use the Sitecore Update Installation Wizard to install required update packages to your Commerce Server installation.

  1. Launch the Sitecore Update Installation Wizard (at http:///sitecore/admin/UpdateInstallationWizard.aspx).
  2. On the main Sitecore Update Installation Wizard page, click Select a package and select the package from Package folder and click on package information
  3. On the Select a package page, use the Choose folder option to install each of the following update packages (located in the Packages folder of the Sitecore Commerce release root folder):
    • Sitecore Commerce Server Connect.10.x.xx.update
    • Sitecore.Commerce.Engine.Connect.1.x.xxxx.update
    • Sitecore Commerce Business Tools Shared.1.x.xx.update
    • Sitecore Commerce Merchandising
    • Sitecore Commerce Customer and Order Manager.1.x.xx.update
    • Sitecore Commerce Pricing and Promotions Manager.1.x.xx.update
  4. Note:You must install the packages in the order shown in the above list.
  5. Click on Analyze packageon package information page
  6. analyze package
  7. Click on analyze package and then click on analysis result button
  8. analysis
  9. On sucessfull installation installation result button will be enabled
  10. Repeat the above steps for installing above mentioned packages


  • You must install the two Reference Storefront packages last, and in the order shown in the above list
  • You may get this error on this package installation, ignore an continue to next step.
  • Update Package error

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