Sitecore Commerce 8.2.1 Installation Guide for Reference Storefront-Part 2

Create a local account

Create a local administrator account named CSFndRuntimeUser. Add this account to your local administrator group, and grant the account login permissions for the SQL server.


For Sucessfull commerce installation requires full admin access

Steps For local administration account:

  1. Press win key + R and open lusrmgr.msc
  2. Create user CSFndRuntimeUser and set the password to never expire, user cannot change the password. Click Create!
  3. Note down your password and username for later use:CSFndRuntimeUser/lostman@123
  4. commerce user creation
  5. Add the newly created commerce user(CSFndRuntimeUser) to administrator group
    1. Click on the Groups in the side Pane and Point the administrators group
    2. admin
    3. Right click on the administrator group and Click add.
    4. add commerce user to admin group
    5. Click on the CSFndRuntimeUser and check the User belongs to memberof IIS_IUSRS and Administrators.If not add it

Steps for creating SQL DBA account

      1. Launch Sql Server Management studio and Navigate to Security in the object Explorer
      2. Expand the Security and Right click on the Logins and click on “New Login”
      3. sql user creation
      4. In the Login Name box,Enter CSFndRuntimeUser(Ensure, in the location you have selected your pc), click check names, it should find the user and now hit ok.
      5. Login User DBA
      6. Click on the Server Roles in Select page pane and add the Server Roles referred in the below screenshot
      7. DBA Server Roles
      8. Click on the Status in Select Page Pane and Enable login permission for that user(CSFndRuntimeUser).
      9. Login Grant
      10. FInally click Ok.User will be created.

For successful sitecore commerce installation Click here to Continue

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