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Media File Renaming Issue

In the sitecore instance where there are many files which contain whitespace in its name. This is some anomaly which replaced whitespace by “{0833d05bc9400a834c8d4e1b16e8a1e4aeaf9501c7b0aa3e466de75900763954}20” in all the files. We can say for example, a image file which name is test image.jpg and it gets renamed as test{0833d05bc9400a834c8d4e1b16e8a1e4aeaf9501c7b0aa3e466de75900763954}20image.jpg.  This happened to Sitecore’s out of the box files as well.



If you are using sitecore 9 and your media file contains space then try to remove the space in sitecore.config file find

<setting name=”Media.WhitespaceReplacement” value=” ” />//make the value=”” without any space
If you are working in lower version of sitecore then please have look the <encodeNameReplacements> in sitecore.config
<replace mode=”on” find=” ” replaceWith=”-” /> // this will replace white space with dash(-) , already in exist in sitecore 9


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